Card Access

Keypad and card access were once only used at the most secure locations, mostly due to cost. Fortunately the technology has been improved and costs have come down immensely. Most any business can now afford to have key or card access doors to protect their most valuable assets. Key or card locks are starting to appear more commonly in households as well.

Businesses can now use keycards for most entrances, greatly limiting non-authorized intrusions. It also helps businesses cut down on costs by essentially eliminating keys for employees. Cards can be customized to allow access in certain areas but deny access to other areas. The computerization that accompanies modern systems also allows companies to track what keycard was used on what door at what time by what employee, allowing businesses to track employee movement over the course of a day.  This also provides a time clock verification for hourly employees’ payroll.  Keypads can be convenient for residences too. Install a keypad on a garage or back door and you’ll never be accidentally locked out!