Light Control

A lighting control system helps you to control the lights in a better way, that is, by pressing a button. For example, when coming home from the grocery store, one button can be pushed to turn on the garage lights and light a safe pathway into your home.  This feature is very handy when your hands are full with shopping bags or a child seat.

Home lighting control systems are also a good way to save energy and reduce waste. A system installed by experienced lighting control contractor helps reduce energy consumption by reducing energy used during the period of highest demand. This is done by turning lights off automatically when they are not necessary; also, lightning control ensures that the number of hours the lights are on is also reduced. Occupancy sensors can be used automatically turn off the lights if the room is unoccupied. Such a system guarantees that the effective management of resources is carried out with minimal attention. Reducing energy consumption also reduces overhead costs.

Most systems use an astronomical clock that can detect when the sun goes down and when the sun rises and turns on or off the landscape lighting. A home lighting control system also allows you to dim lights to save energy. The lights can be programmed in such a way that the use of energy never goes beyond 75% of maximum. This dimming function also helps to increase the longevity of your bulbs, reducing replacement costs.

Beyond the cost savings, lighting control is great for entertaining and cleaning. Want a cozy atmosphere for you next get together? Set the lights in the living room at 25%. Want to deep clean the kitchen? Set the lights near 100% to see every detail. Lighting control allows you to integrate lights with home automation or security systems; this integration will allow you to turn on the lights when your security system is activated.